MARAC Administrator

The MARAC Administrator plays a vital role in maintaining operational functions and facilitating communications for the organization. In July 2013, the former MARAC Administrator (2009-2013) created the following two documents which provide an overview of the Administrator's role:

Administrator Timeline and Duties- describes the monthly tasks and responsibilities of the Administrator. This resource also serves as a calendar overview of MARAC events and activities.

Administrator Conference Planning Guide - outlines the Administrator functional tasks for the Fall and Spring Conferences. This document should prove useful to the MARAC Committees involved in coordinating Conference activities.


The term of the MARAC Administrator is determined by the Steering Committee, according to the terms of employment of Dickinson College.




Reports directly to the MARAC Chair but is supervised by a Dickinson College onsite supervisor; attends Steering Committee meetings as requested.

Serves as MARAC’s main contact person for the membership and the public.

Serves as an ex-officio member of the Publications Committee and Membership Development Committee, and provides regular support to the Electronic Resources Committee and Nominations and Elections Committee.

Prepares and distributes membership renewal forms, processes returned membership renewal forms, and submits membership renewal funds to the MARAC Treasurer on a timely basis.

Provides membership information to prospective new members, processes new membership forms, and submits membership funds to the Treasurer on a timely basis.

Shares information regarding new members with the chair of the Membership Development Committee and with individual Caucus Chairs.

Prepares quarterly membership reports for the Steering Committee.

Collects and maintains membership data and Elists in a database program approved by the Steering Committee.

Prepares and distributes conference registration forms, processes attendee and vendor registration forms, and submits registration funds to the Treasurer on a timely basis.

Produces mailing labels for all MARAC mailings and coordinates MARAC membership mailings.

Provides information on MARAC members, as requested by the Steering Committee or members of other MARAC committees.
Distributes the MARAC mailing list, when requested, in accordance with MARAC guidelines.

Provides state sales tax exemption information on a timely basis to the appropriate state agencies, to appropriate members of the Meeting Coordinating committee, and to the MARAC Treasurer.

Performs other duties as assigned by the Dickinson College onsite supervisor and MARAC Chair.

MARAC website includes:

  • Current job description (PDF) of the MARAC Administrator
  • Sample quarterly report
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