MARAC Caucus Chairs


Caucus Chairs from each member state of MARAC and the District of Columbia are elected in even numbered years by the MARAC members of respective state and D.C. caucuses and take office at the conclusion of the Spring Meeting following the election. Caucus Chairs serve for two years and are eligible for re-election to an unlimited number of terms.


Preside at the caucus meetings held at the Spring and Fall MARAC meetings. Act as liaison between the representative caucus and the Steering Committee by relaying any relevant news from Steering to caucus members, and solicit news from members.

Submit reports to the Steering Committee prior to each quarterly meeting. The purpose of the caucus report is to update the Steering Committee about the activities of the caucus itself over the previous quarter and not about the activities of any of the institutions/repositories within the caucus; the latter information is collected for publication in the Mid-Atlantic Archivist, or should be posted on the MARAC Blog.

Recommend to the Steering Committee action that MARAC could take to influence national, state, and local developments on matters of archival concern. This can include timely conference program sessions; professional opinion letters to organizations, individuals or governments; invitations to conferences; or requests for special meetings with individuals or groups.

Compile caucus news for the Mid-Atlantic Archivist and submit to the editor on a quarterly basis. This may include information on state and local legislation, programs at repositories, institutional news, and educational opportunities for caucus members.

Keep caucus members informed about news, events and advocacy relating to archives and the related fields of records management and history in the state and elsewhere. Post periodic entries on the MARAC Blog with such news if appropriate for wide MARAC audience.

Recruit new MARAC members who work in your caucus state, but may not know about MARAC.

Send a “Welcome to MARAC” email to MARAC members who join the caucus for the first time; include relevant information about the caucus. Ensure that new members are familiar with the MARAC website, blog and other social media, and understand how to subscribe to the respective caucus “E-list.”

Serve as a goodwill ambassador and advocate for MARAC by promoting MARAC at state and local conference, workshops, seminars and academic functions.

Serve as a liaison to other professional state and local organizations and institutions. This may include gathering information on archival programs and repositories, laws and legislation that may impact archives, resource people within the state and possible grant or funding opportunities available to archivists. May also include being asked to serve on the board (or committee) of related organizations in your state in an ex-officio capacity.

Submit an annual budget for the caucus to the Steering Committee by April 1 of each year. Generally the budget includes expenses for refreshments at caucus events and some money for planned Archives Month activities. Previous budget requests have ranged from $100-$500. (Some caucuses do not request any money at all.)

Organize and try to preside over at least two caucus events each year. These can include tours of repositories, educational programs or opportunities for networking. This may be more difficult to do in larger states such as Pennsylvania, but is encouraged nonetheless.

Act as liaison to MARAC Outreach Committee if/when Archives Month activities are planned within the caucus.

Serve as an ex-officio member of the Local Arrangements and Program committees when the semi-annual meeting is held in your state/region. May even help to investigate suggested meeting sites when the meeting is being planned within the representative’s state.

Inform the MARAC Webmaster of any updates for the caucus page on the MARAC website.

Performs other duties as assigned by the MARAC Chair.

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