MARAC Electronic Resources Committee

The Electronic Resources Committee was created as a new standing committee on May 1, 2010 at the Spring 2010 Business Meeting in Wilmington, DE.


The purpose of the Electronic Resources Committee is to ensure that MARAC makes the best use of electronic resources that are available and to identify those additional resources that MARAC should utilize to maximize its visibility and utility to both members and potential members. This includes:

  • Oversight of the MARAC website.
  • Understanding how MARAC can best utilize the online membership services platform.
  • Identification and application of how to best utilize social networking tools and other electronic resources for the MARAC standing committees and the community at large.
  • Ongoing analysis of emerging electronic resources to determine applicability for the MARAC community.
  • Selection of the MARAC Webmaster to be appointed by the MARAC Chair.


The Electronic Resources Committee consists of up to nine (9) members. The MARAC Webmaster will serve on the committee as well as the MARAC Archivist. The MARAC Chair appoints all members to the committee who serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed.

• Process (skill set) for selecting webmaster?
• What requests should go directly to webmaster? Should some members (ex. secretary, administrator) have access to the website to make changes or add reports?
• How is the committee dealing with various social media? Is one person in charge of the Facebook page? Of Twitter?
• What is the relationship with Outreach on the MARAC blog?
• MemberClicks evaluation?

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