MARAC Meetings Coordinating Committee

The Meetings Coordinating Committee (MCC) was established in 1985 as a special committee by the Steering Committee. A revision of the Bylaws in May 1987 made it a standing committee.


The responsibilities of the Meetings Coordinating Committee are to:

Solicit and recommend future sites for semi-annual MARAC meetings for Steering Committee approval. Considerations in these decisions include the need for geographic balance, scheduling, and available resources in a suggested meeting site.

Interpret and recommend policy relating to meeting planning and to document policies in the Meeting Policy Manual (PDF).

Provide oversight, support and guidance to the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) and Program Committee (PC), and to serve as a liaison between the Steering Committee and the Local Arrangements and Program committees.

Arrange for the workshops to be held at MARAC's semi-annual meetings (workshop proposal form).


The MCC consists of up to nine (9) members, including the MARAC Vice Chair who serves as the committee chair. The MARAC Chair appoints all members of the committee, except for the committee chair and the two ex-officio members (MARAC Chair and MARAC Treasurer). Appointed members include the Workshop Coordinators, Program Editor, and Vendor Coordinator. Other committee members usually include past PC and LAC Chairs, as well as former active PC and LAC Committee members recommended by past Chairs.

All members, except the committee chair and ex-officio members, shall serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed.
The Program Committee Co-Chairs and the Local Arrangement Committee Co-Chairs for all upcoming meetings are active, but not voting, members of MCC; they should attend all MCC meetings up to their respective conferences, are included on the distribution list at the time of their appointment, and should take part in all discussions.

Program Editor

The Program Editor serves as coordinator for the program production and as contact with the designer and printer for the program, advises about layout, carefully scrutinize "proofs" before final printing, and provides a production checklist to LAC and PC Committees. Further details can be located in the MARAC Meeting Policy Manual. The Program Editor is appointed for a two-year term and can be reappointed. It is desirable that the incoming Program Editor has the opportunity to shadow the outgoing Editor for one program cycle.

(Should a “job description” exist separately?)

Workshop Coordinators

Workshop Coordinators are selected by the Vice Chair with recommendations from past LAC and PC Chairs. They are appointed by the Chair for a two-year term and can be reappointed.

What do they do? (Should a “job description” exist separately?)

Vendor Coordinator

The Vendor Coordinator is selected by the Vice Chair, with input from the Treasurer, and appointed by the Chair for a two-year term and can be reappointed.

What do they do? (Should a “job description” exist separately?)

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