MARAC Membership Development Committee

The Membership Development Committee is one of the standing committees of MARAC.


The Membership Development Committee shall work on programs to recruit and retain members, develop membership benefits, prepare a member application, review procedures for the collection of annual dues, oversee the maintenance and distribution of mailing lists, and assist the MARAC Secretary on special projects.


The Membership Development Committee consists of up to nine (9) members. The MARAC Secretary and MARAC Administrator automatically serve on the committee. The MARAC Chair appoints all other members of the committee, and these members shall serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed.


All new members receive an e-mail welcome from the Membership Development Committee. This message includes links to the MARAC website and blog, information on upcoming conferences, and contact information for the state caucus representatives. Updates to this message should be sent to the MARAC Administrator.

New members also receive a coupon for $35 off a MARAC workshop. Coupons are distributed via e-mail on January 1 (for members who have joined from July 1-December 31) and on July 1 (for members who have joined from January 1-June 30). The coupon expires a year and a half from the date of issue.


The Membership Development Committee plans the New Member Orientation, which is offered on the Friday morning of each biannual conference. The Membership Development Chair runs the half hour orientation with the assistance of all committee members in attendance.

The orientation begins with a welcome from the Membership Development Committee and the introduction of the MARAC Chair and Vice Chair. If there is a current Chair-Elect, s/he is also introduced.

Introductions are followed by a panel presentation with three active MARAC members. The panelists can be members of the Membership Development Committee or other members invited by the Membership Development Chair. Panelists are asked to reflect on their involvement in MARAC and the variety of options for getting the most out of your membership.

The conversation will include:

  • Getting involved in conferences and workshops
  • Committee work
  • Advocacy for members and the profession

Orientation attendees are specifically encouraged to attend the plenary session, state caucus meetings, the hospitality suite, and reception. Prior to adjournment, panelists take questions from the audience.


Each month the MARAC Administrator distributes a list of new members from the previous month, which is shared amongst the state caucus representatives and the Membership Development Chair.


Membership statistics including total regular, retired, and student members, as well as membership divided by state caucus, are compiled by the MARAC Administrator and available in the quarterly Administrator report to the Steering Committee.

How to collaborate with Caucus Chairs

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