MARAC Outreach Committee


The Outreach Committee is responsible for recommending, supervising, and coordinating MARAC outreach activities, including advocacy and outreach to scholars, researchers, the general public, and others concerned with the preservation and use of historical records. The committee reviews promotional materials for MARAC and advises the Steering Committee on such material.


The Outreach Committee consists of up to nine (9) members, including the MARAC Chair and one Member-at-Large appointed by the MARAC Chair. Committee members shall serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed. The Chair of the Outreach Committee is appointed by the MARAC Chair.


Members of the Outreach Committee communicate via email, telephone conference calls, and as needed during meetings at the Spring and Fall MARAC Meeting to work on goals and objectives.


User and Submission Guidelines

The MARAC Blog will showcase the diversity of archivists and archival issues and serve as a platform for outreach to MARAC members and the communities we serve. The blog is intended to be engaging, educational, and wide-ranging. All MARAC members are encouraged to participate; they in turn may invite others to participate by making submissions relating to the world of archives.

The primary purpose of the blog is outreach: to show what we do as archivists, to present captivating stories, and to celebrate those who help to preserve history in any medium. A secondary purpose is advocacy: to present issues that matter to local communities, to speak up when archives are in jeopardy, and to present issues of advocacy for wide dissemination and clear understanding.


  • The MARAC Blog is managed by the MARAC Outreach Committee.
  • Contributed content does not necessarily represent the views of MARAC or its members.


  • Submissions should be emailed to MARAC Outreach.
  • Authors should supply their affiliation(s) and contact information.
  • Posts should be of modest length: 500 to 600 words maximum and a limit of 3 photographs for illustration.
  • MARAC reserves the right to decline submissions or comments that are inappropriate, offensive, or inconsistent with the purpose of the blog.
  • Members of the MARAC Outreach Committee will regularly review submissions and determine whether or not the content is consistent with the stated purposes and goals of the blog.
  • In addition to posting reviewed submissions, content distributed by the MARAC Administrator is automatically posted to the blog.

Content Suggestions

  • Personal testimonies about challenging reference questions;
  • Celebrating “archives heroes,” i.e., individuals who have made a difference in promoting archives and preserving collections;
  • Short informational articles about collections and archival issues;
  • Archives month events – plans, stories, and activities;
  • Archives users – stories about those who have been helped by archivists;
  • National History Day participants and events;
  • Advocacy issues and news;
  • Historical information brought to light via archives;
  • Any topic that is unique, unusual, or interesting to archivists and those in related fields in libraries, museums, academia, government, or historical societies.

TASKS FOR 2013-2014

  • Archives Month: Discussion and selection of a theme for the annual celebration of “Archives Month” during the month of October. Collaboration with state caucuses and other publicity activities;
  • MARAC Blog: Maintenance, operation, and solicitation of content for the MARAC Blog, including collaboration with the MARAC Electronic Resources Committee;
  • Collaboration: Communicate with SAA and other regional archives organizations;
  • Advocacy: Development of goals, objectives, and strategies to promote MARAC.
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