MARAC Publications Committee


The mission of the Publications Committee is to plan, coordinate, and distribute all MARAC publications.

The committee acts an advisory/editorial board for the Mid-Atlantic Archivist, the Technical Leaflets series, and other operations. Its functions include:

  • Reviewing proposed items for content and style.
  • Soliciting advertisements.
  • Soliciting new materials from prospective authors.
  • Ensuring that adequate supplies of MARAC publications are available.
  • Recommending republication where appropriate.
  • Marketing MARAC publications.

The committee ensures that a copy of each MARAC publication is forwarded to the MARAC Archives in paper format or electronically.

Subject to approval by the Steering Committee, the Publications Committee develops budgets for new publications before the Spring Meeting (April 1). This budget process includes prices associated with producing the MAA, including design, printing, postage, etc. If any fees are charged to purchase MARAC publications in the future, the Publications Committee will make suggested recommendation.

The committee also oversees marketing of MARAC publications including advertising and exhibiting at professional meetings. MARAC strives to provide open access to its publications and have made them available to download free of charge by member or non-member alike on the MARAC website. These include current and back issues of the Mid-Atlantic Archivist, Technical Leaflet Series, and Occasional Papers and Symposia.

While the committee has no direct responsibility of the MARAC website, it will ensure that content on the site is accurate and up-to-date. Changes will be directed to the MARAC Webmaster and chair of the Electronic Resources Committee.


The Publications Committee consists of five (5) members appointed by the MARAC Chair, plus the MAA Editor, the Advertising Editor, the Technical Leaflets Editor, and the Webmaster, for a total of nine (9) members. Committee members not appointed because of their particular standing in MARAC serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed.

Future: Include information on the process of developing technical leaflets including soliciting writers, editing and making them available.

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