Sample Chair Report

MARAC Chair’s Report
Spring 20__ Steering Committee Meeting
Submitted: [date]


• Appointed John Doe to the Membership Development Committee
• Appointed Jane Smith to the Finance Committee
• Appointed Jane Doe to the Education Committee
• Reappointed Henny Penny to the Membership Development Committee
• Reappointed Curious George to serve as Chair of the Membership Development Committee

Upcoming Appointment Issues:

• The Webmaster has requested that he be relieved of his duties. We will need to replace.
• Will need to create a committee to review MemberClicks; would like to do so by winter meeting.

Other Activities:

• Signed deed of gift making the University of Maryland College Park the official repository of the MARAC archives and transferring ownership of the papers to the University of Maryland. MARAC will maintain intellectual property rights for the papers.
• Participated in SAA session in Austin sponsored by the Issues and Advocacy Roundtable where leaders of various archival organizations discussed what they were doing to support archivists who were unemployed or underemployed.
• Responded to requests from Queen Nile to get MARAC members to provide support for a specific advocacy issues.
• Met with committee chair to discuss the charge for (name of committee) committee. The charge will be discussed at the upcoming Steering Committee meeting and if approved will be brought to the membership at the Fall Business meeting and then voted on at the Spring business meeting.

Respectfully submitted,


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