Sample Steering Committee Agenda

[Day and date]


I. Call to Order
A. Approval of Agenda

II. Approval of Last Steering Committee Minutes

III. Officers’ Reports

A. Chair
1. Chair’s Report
2. Administrator’s Report

B. Vice Chair, including Meetings Coordinating Committee
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer, including Finance Committee
E. Archivist

IV. Standing Committee New Business and Updates

A. Custer Award
B. Development
C. Distinguished Service Award
D. Education
E. Electronic Resources
F. Finding Aids
G. Membership Development
H. National Coalition for History
I. Nominations and Elections
J. Outreach
K. Publications

V. State Caucus New Business and Updates

A. Delaware
B. District of Columbia
C. Maryland
D. New Jersey
E. New York
F. Pennsylvania
G. Virginia
H. West Virginia

VI. Old Business (examples)

A. Update on SAA/Regional collaboration
B. Finding Aid Awards Committee Bylaws change
C. Membership survey update
D. Collaboration with NEA to develop professional journal
E. MARAC Operations manual update
F. MARAC merchandising opportunities update

VII. New Business

A. New MARAC Administrator

VIII. Adjournment

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