MARAC Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Requirements

Standing and special committees shall keep minutes of all meetings and submit a written report of activities, decisions and recommendations to the Steering Committee before each Steering Committee meeting.

Actions requiring Steering Committee approval should be submitted in writing to Steering at least 30 days prior to its quarterly meetings.

Committees should forward all non-current records to the MARAC Archives. The MARAC Archivist should be on the mailing list of all committees.

Members of non-elected committees are appointed by the MARAC Chair. Committee chairs should consult with the MARAC Chair regarding potential candidates.

The MARAC Chair, upon recommendation of the Chair of a standing or special committee can remove members for non-participation. Is this still done?

Examples of a committee report?

Re Ad-Hoc committees – Need basic information on requirements to set up, length of operation, sunset regs.

No discussion of the Disaster Relief fund and how it should be handled.

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