MARAC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee shall be responsible for the management of MARAC affairs. It is composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large (4) and Caucus Chairs (8). Other Standing Committee members are strongly encouraged to attend, such as the respective Committee Chairs, Archivist, Webmaster and Parliamentarian.

Meetings are held four (4) times per year. Two are held on the Thursday evening during the regular semi-annual MARAC conferences. The other two are held during the winter and summer months as determined by the Chair. Special Steering Committee meetings may be called by the Chair or by request to the Chair from a majority of the committee members.

A quorum will consist of two (2) officers and six (6) other voting committee members.

At a Steering Committee meeting only the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large, and Caucus Chairs can vote. Standing Committee members may participate in discussion but do not have a vote.

Steering Committee meetings are open to all MARAC members. While all Conference members have a voice, only voting members of the Steering Committee may introduce motions or vote in these meetings. Proxies are not permitted.

Any Steering Committee member who fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings without a valid reason or approval from the Chair may be removed from Steering by a majority vote of the committee.

The MARAC Chair will typically make a call for quarterly activity reports one month prior to the scheduled quarterly meeting. The reports should be saved as PDF files and named with the title of said committee/position. For example, the file name for the MARAC Chair report should be MARAC_Chair_Summer_2013.pdf. The MARAC Administrator will create a new folder on Dropbox where reports should be deposited. Reports are due one week before the scheduled meeting.

MARAC will reimburse expenses for travel to the winter and summer meetings, but not the spring and fall meetings.

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