MARAC Vice Chair


The Vice Chair is elected by the MARAC membership in odd numbered years and takes office at the conclusion of the Spring meeting following the election.


Serves as chair of the Meetings Coordinating Committee. (MARAC Bylaws § 1 B)

Assumes the office of Chair in the event of a vacancy. (MARAC Bylaws § 1 C)


Schedules meetings of the Meetings Coordinating Committee (MCC), sets agenda, maintains records, and suggests potential committee members to Chair.

Appoints, in consultation with the Chair and Meetings Coordinating Committee, the chairs of the Local Arrangements and Program committees for the MARAC semi-annual meetings.

Edits and distributes the MCC Meeting Policy Manual to members of the Meetings Coordinating Committee and to the chairs of active Local Arrangements and Program committees.

Reviews hotel contracts, budgets, and other planning for semi-annual meetings with the Meetings Coordinating Committee; serves as primary liaison with HelmsBriscoe. Only the Vice Chair is authorized to sign hotel contracts.

With treasurer, approves requests for travel expenses for session speakers at semi-annual meetings and approves honorarium and travel expenses for plenary and luncheon speakers.

Makes the final determination as to who qualifies to register at the member for the semi-annual meetings and approves any arrangements for student attendees.

Reviews final reports from Program and Local Arrangements committees.

Thanks the Program and Local Arrangements chairs formally for their work during the Spring and Fall Business Meeting, as well as any others to be formally recognized and thanked.

Provides information on MARAC’s semi-annual meetings to membership, professional organizations, and others.

Assists the Local Arrangements Committee in arranging meeting space and time for MARAC Committee Meetings at semi-annual meetings.

Presides over Steering Committee meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Performs other duties as assigned by the MARAC Chair.

Keeps all official records of the Vice Chair and transfers those of vital and enduring value to the MARAC archives on a regular basis.

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